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한국오므론제어기기(주)는 오므론 제품의 생산중지된 기종과 중지 예정의 기종을 고객에게 알려드림과 동시에 대체 기종을 안내하여 고객의 불편을 덜어드립니다.
2012년 4월 발행   |   중지시기 : 2012.04
대체1       ( 0.25 M | )

자세한 사항은 첨부파일을 참조하시기 바랍니다.

Photoelectric Sensors
Displacement & Measurement Sensors
Vision Sensors
Proximity Sensors
Photomicro Sensors
Rotary Encoders
Ultrasonic Sensors
Pressure Sensors
Data Loggers
Vibration and Inclination Sensors
Tilt Sensors
Mass Flow Sensors
Touch Sensor
Level Switches
Basic Switches
Limit Switches
Push Buttons/Indicator Lamps
Tactile Switches
DIP Switches
Industrial Manual Switches
Safety Application Controllers
Safety Door Switches
Safety Limit Switches
Safety Sensors
Emergency Stop Switches
Presence Detection Sensors
Safety Relays
General Purpose Relays
Solid-state Relays
Power Controllers
PCB Relays
Signal Relays
Power Relays
Automotive Relays
Timers and Time Switches
Cam Positioners
Temperature Controllers
Digital Panel Indicators
Signal Converters
Telecom Supervision
Support Software & Peripheral Devices
Programmable Controllers
Field Networks
Wireless Components
Programmable Terminals
IT Products and Software Components
RFID Systems
Code Readers
Frequency Inverters
Servomotors / Servo Drivers
Power Supplies
UV-Light Curing Systems
Air Cleaning / Static Electricity Components
Measuring / Motor Protective Relays
Power Sensors
Wiring Systems
Optical Transmitting Components
Inspection System
Board to FPC Connectors
Board to Cable Connectors
Board to Board Connectors
External Connections
IC Socket
Shield wire connrctors
Ribbon Connectors
Micro-displacement Sensors
Optical Communication Devices
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